Build a Full Stack Application Using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf

Course Overview

In this project, we’ll create a web application using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf. We’ll handle all the configurations of the H2 database. We’ll also create entities, DTOs, services, and repositories for the Spring Boot application, as well as the Spring Controllers for the full stack application. We’ll use Hibernate DDL-auto modes for our data definition language.

The controllers will handle all the navigations in the application. In this multi-page application, we’ll use Thymeleaf as the frontend to create all the templates. 

Takeaway skills

Course Contents

  • Task 0: Get Started
  • Task 1: Resource Allocation
  • Task 2: Adding data from a file
Maven Installation and Execution
  • Task 11: Build the Spring Boot Application
  • Task 12: Run the Spring Boot Application
Thymeleaf Introduction
  • What is Thymeleaf?
  • Writing our First Template
  • Writing our First Controller
  • Thymeleaf Expressions
  • Thymeleaf Attributes
  • Quiz Yourself on Thymeleaf

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